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admin On June - 9 - 2011

If you were investing in a business venture, wouldn’t you want to put as many positives on your side as possible?  Of course you would.  SO…, why aren’t STOCK investors doing this in their ventures into making money through active investing?  That’s a GREAT QUESTION!  And we have an answer to it:

“We have NO IDEA!  They should be, BUT, our guess is that they just don’t know any better.”

Could the key to making money for active investors really be a simple switch?  A switch from a money-losing investment vehicle to a money-making investment vehicle?    We don’t want to make it sound that simple but “YES”, switching from stock as an investment vehicle to options, if done smartly, can make a huge difference.  Think about it.  Wall St. and the media have always told us that we should “stick with stocks” no matter what and “avoid risky options” no matter what.  So what we’re claiming here is obviously counter- intuitive.  And that’s a good thing because quite often in the trading markets counter-intuitive can help when it comes to making money.  Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy to consistently make money in a field that is as competitive as the markets.  It seems fairly simple to “win” in the markets and that’s part of the lure.  It is most definitely more easily imagined than done as so many try and fail to make money from active investing.

We have been professional options traders, technicians and educators for many years, so please trust us when we say that by switching to options, in a smart way, frustrated active investors can succeed much more easily in making money in the markets.  Why?  There are many reasons but one of the key reasons is that you can use options to put time on your side.  In fact, you can use options to put time on your side x 2!  We’re not going to get into all of the specifics but we do know that putting as many factors on our side in such a challenging arena is exactly what we need to do to consistently make money.  We learned this lesson time and time again in our combined 35 years of trading experience and it’s one of the keys to our Hidden Money Method.

Knowing that successfully actively trading the markets is difficult but that trading them perfectly is impossible should help us to make the proper choice of the following two:

1)      Keep shooting for Perfection on each trade because that’s the Ideal

2)      Trade the extremely rare “perfection” trade for consistency in making money in active investing


The issues that prevent new traders from making money that we discussed above and many other challenges that new investors face that we cover in other articles were all taken into consideration and addressed in the development process of our Hidden Money Methods course and services.  Please consider exploring our materials further as we truly believe that we can greatly help investors to reach their goal of consistently making money in the markets.


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