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Hidden Secrets to Make Big Money!

Make more money with less risk.

This strategy allows you to participate in the same investments you normally would but at a fraction of the price and with less risk.

Example #1

Here is an example of ELN on March 3rd. You could have bought 1000 shares at $6.5 or $6,500.

You could have exited on a trailing stop at $7.42 for a profit of $920 in a little over a month. Your risk would have been $6,500. Profit Return was 14%

The Hidden Money Method allows you to participate in the same upside but for much less risk. We put our investment on at the same time for $1,830. This is only 28% of the cost or risk of the stock.

If we exited at the same time as the stock above we could have profited $500.

27% Profit in the same time period.

You could have used the excess capital in other positions or you could have done our method 3 times to make $1,500 profit.

This example may not seem exciting to you, but it should.

It’s built on several of Wall Street’s Hidden Secrets!


This simple adjustment in your investment portfolio can yield the extra income you need for that trip you have been saving for or for your early retirement.

Need more Proof…

Example #2

We were bullish on the silver market and spotted a small opportunity. On 1/26/2011 SLV (the Silver ETF) was trading at $26.25. The market proceeded to rally and we took profits 13 days later at $29.59. You could have made $3.34 for each share that you bought. This would have been a 12.7% return in 13 days.

The problem is to make some decent money you had to put up a decent amount of capital. To buy 1,000 shares of the $26.25 ETF which results in $26,250 purchase. Not many people are willing to put that kind of capital into one investment.

The Hidden Money Method purchased our investment on the same day for $4,744. This was only 18% of the cost of the stock position. At the same exit price as the stock,

we exited our position for a profit of $1,836.

This is less then the $3.34 in raw numbers but we did ours with only 18% of the cost.

In percentage returns,

the Hidden Money Method returned 39% on 18% of the risk.




“The one strategy that every investor should be using in their portfolio to make money.”

“If you are investing in the stock market in any way, then you should be utilizing this method. It is the smartest, easiest way to make money.”


…Cut to the Chase

If someone told you that they could cut your risk and increase your returns, you would listen right?

But, what would stop you from employing what they told you?

Lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, lack of time?

That is why we created this course combined with our real-world examples.

We didn’t want to simply give you the information only and let you fend for yourself. We truly want you to reach your goals of making money and we’ll help you to do that as best we can.


We analyzed all of the strategies to make money in the stock market to find their strengths and weaknesses. We then went back to analyze our core investment methods as professional traders on the options trading floors.

3 Key Core Building Blocks to HMM:

  1. Easy to invest – easy to put on and take off.
  2. Leverage – Used properly, this reduces risk and increases reward.
  3. Time on Our Side – Have a money collection component, so if our investment sits still we still make money!


This is straight to the point step by step instructions.

The Hidden Money Methods Course

11 Videos

( $1,000 Value)

Introduction Module-Market Primer

Module 1: Part 1: Introduction to Using Leverage :21 Mins

Module 1: Part 2: Option Basics: 45 Mins
Module 2: When to Buy It – Understanding Volatility 25 Mins
Module 3: Timing the BuyIntroduction to Technical Analysis (TA)-20 Mins
Module 4: How to Find -Technical Analysis Applied
Module 5: How to Sell “Potential” Spreads –23 Mins
Module 6: The Hidden Money Method -57 Mins
Module 7: Position Management : Upside -22 Mins
Module 8: Positions Management : Downside- 22 Mins
Module 9: Portfolio Management 32 Mins


($500 Value)

This “How To” Course is also combined with real markets-based examples to walk you through the entire investing and risk-management process. The “how” and “why” we entered/exited each trade. We post new examples regularly.

Making Money Bonus#1:


This explains the risks from a more in depth level. In the course we give you the basics to get you started, but we felt that you needed more if you wanted to go further in understanding options.

6 Hours of Recorded Classes on Investment Risks:

The Greeks:Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho

($400 Value)



Making Money Bonus #2

Portfolio Protection Course

We also wanted you to protect what you have first. This gives you time to understand the strategy, practice and employ it slowly so you are comfortable.

3 Hours of Step by Step Instructions

Option Strategies to protect a Single position and a Portfolio

Beta Hedging Excel Worksheet, Portfolio Examples

($200 Value)



Your Success is important to us!

We want you to get the most out of our course and make more money

then you ever thought possible. So if you have a question about the content

in our course during the first month, please email us and we will be happy to make

sure you understand the concept in question. If you are not satisfied with the course in the

first 30 days, then you can return it for a 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked!



Package (Value >$2,000)

Course + Examples+ 2 Bonuses






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