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admin On January - 19 - 2012

Here is a great example of Honda Motor (HMC)

We have done the Monday morning quarter back and called the entry and exit to perfection.  This example is not about showing you how to time your entry, but how this simple method is the best way to invest.

Given our entry on Dec.19th at $28.61 and exit today Jan.19th at $33.88, we were able to make $5.27 in 1 month.  This is a 18.4 % return in one month.  most funds can’t do that in one year.

Now if we used the Hidden Money Method we could have invested only $7.1 on Dec. 19th and sold our investment for $11.38.  This would have resulted in $1 less profit of $4.28, but we only had to use 25% of the risk to get that profit. This investment yielded a 60% return in 1 month.

There really is no comparison…Hidden Money Method clearly wins with the less risk and greater return.

If you would like to learn how to use this method in your own portfolio, then take our How to course.  Get more Hidden Money Info here!

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