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We have been professional options traders, chartists and educators for over 30 years. One constant we’ve experienced over the years has been being asked for “tips” or “tricks” to making money in the markets.  We’ve disappointed folks with the genuine response of: “If you really want to make money, PUT THE PROBABILITIES on YOUR SIDE!”  The fact is nothing can replace a solid methodology to consistently extract profits out of any market and that’s exactly what the Hidden Money Method does for Investors.  The performance record below is every trade we have placed using the Hidden Money Method for another service that we’ve managed.  This course will walk you through, example by example,  each of the positions that we took in the stocks below.  Out of the 21 trades listed below: we lost on ONE.  That was a protective put bought against a group of stock positions that we held at a key time.  We are not claiming to be perfect traders, but our method is flexible and provides you with several ways to “fight back” against a stock that moves against your expectations.  The longer term nature of our method allows for nearly infinite offensive and defensive adjustments to any position as stock prices ebb and flow.  These positions allow time for profit taking or protective actions and also help investors to avoid reacting to “noise” and thus being chased out of good moves in stocks just before they happen.

About Us

Hidden Money Methods shows investors how to find their hidden money. They can make more money from their existing portfolios. Using a proven method, investors can increase their portfolio return and reduce their risk. Hidden Money Methods can help the basic to advanced investor.

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