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admin On June - 9 - 2011

Would you take unnecessary risk and want to pay more to do it?  Neither would we but that doesn’t stop millions of active investors from doing this exactly.  Yet, they wonder why they do not consistently make money!  The opposite side is what they should be trying to do to make money consistently in the markets:  Reduce risks and use capital wisely.

Here’s another question:  Would you limit your “options” so to speak and in doing so opt to add more stress to your life?  Neither would we but, again, this is exactly what “stock only” active investors are doing to themselves.

Taking a stock position and managing it the way a lot of technical analysis books claim that one should is often a sure path to failure.  One of the mantras almost always covered is “always use stops!”  Unfortunately, few of these books go far enough in explaining exactly how to use stops the right way and even worse many of them will pull out something completely arbitrary or advise that traders use the most obvious of stop levels.  The markets are amazingly persistent and efficient at triggering “stops.”  How they do it exactly is a closely-guarded secret of the “players” but anyone that’s tried to trade today’s volatile markets for any length of time knows exactly how good they are it.  They generate “wiggle after waggle” cycles enough times to frustrate the large majority of individual active traders in the markets.  After they’ve exhausted “frustrations”, the stock price “magically” begins to move as many had expected only to be “chased out.”  That’s one reason why the big Wall St. firms are able to report “63 out of 63” money-making days in a trading quarter.

Consistently taking on more risk and tying up more capital than necessary to do it is a “lose-lose” and one of the reasons why newer active investors find it so hard to make money from trading.  Add in a healthy dose of playing on Wall St.’s “home turf” and it’s really not hard to see why so many fail to make money as they hope to do.  The reality is that all of us, pros included, need to put as many positives on “our side of the ledger” when it comes to trading as we possibly can.

There is good news.  There are ways to reduce capital at risk and reduce risk overall.  They are not even that complicated and can be learned in a relatively short period of time for a “no brainer” of a price.  Most folks only need to invest a little time and a little money to gain the familiarity and understanding of a few key concepts that can literally “make all the difference.”

The issues that prevent new traders from making money that we discussed above and many other challenges that new investors face that we cover in other articles were all taken into consideration and addressed in the development process of our Hidden Money Methods course and services.  Please consider exploring our materials further as we truly believe that we can greatly help investors to reach their goal of consistently making money in the markets.


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