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admin On May - 10 - 2011



Opening a new position in MOS

We are reentering with this trade as the stock is starting to show signs of breaking out.  Buying longer term calls 5 times and selling shorter terms calls 3 times.

Buy to Open Sept 75 Calls for $15.20

Sell to Open Mar 90 Calls for $1.95

There are several rumors coming out for possible takeovers, MOS is included and they are presenting tomorrow at a conference.  More hype could drive this through the highs of a few weeks ago.


2/23/2011 12:20


Buy to Close the March 90 calls for $0.45


2/23/2011 3:30

MOS $81.20

We bought back the March 90s earlier today for $0.45 3 times.

The stock has moved up $5.00 from the low and has made a huge reversal.

We are going to resell the March 90s 5 times, so a 1 to 1 ratio.

With stock at $81.2 the March 90 calls are bid $1.05.


3/1/2011 12:47

MOS $84.73

Closing MOS. With the market volatility we could roll down to sell the 85 calls s to get more juice and protection.

Instead we are going to take profits here and look to re-enter at lower prices on this volatility.

Sell to Close the Sept 75 calls for$15.45

Buy to Close the March 90 Calls $1.10

This is a small profit of $125 on our anchor calls, after being negative when the stock moved down to $80.






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