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admin On April - 29 - 2011

All investors approach active investing or trading with the same goal:  Making Money.  Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy to consistently make money without first “paying tuition” to the markets.  This “tuition” can be thought of as a new trader’s time, effort, energy and CAPITAL which first must be “invested” before finally being able to make money in this arena.  On the way, a newer investor will be gaining a lot of knowledge and experience that they’ll need to stay profitable.  Knowledge and experience are key prerequisites for most people when it comes to making money from active investing.  Yet one critical ingredient, confidence, can really only come after having had success and achieved the goal of making money consistently from active trading.  Having been professional options traders, technicians and educators for many years, we’ve heard and seen most of the mistakes that new investors tend to make and find so difficult to stop making.  It can cost them a great deal of money and time, and produce a lot of unnecessary stress.  Making money in the markets is challenging to be sure, especially when new to them, so you need to put as many factors as possible on YOUR side.

One of the top reasons we’ve heard over the years from new investors as to why they aren’t consistently profitable and find it so difficult to make money actively trading is the lack of patience.  Many of them believe “If I would have just waited a little longer…” This is very understandable.  The markets are amazingly proficient at getting us to “second guess” ourselves and, to make matters worse, they’re equally good at helping us to “feel the pressure” from trades that are going against us.    Gaining patience and consistently exercising it is not something that comes natural to most newer investors.  Even though most know they “need to be patient” and that “perseverance pays off” they still find it nearly impossible to hang in there when their “stop level” has failed to support a stock trade.  The pressure and especially the “immediacy” of that pressure from a stock position leads to stress which leads to second guessing which leads to a loss of confidence which leads to irrational behavior and ultimately a failure to make money and, rather unfortunately, the opposite outcome.

The truth is that much of what occurs in the markets is effectively “noise”.  The players move stuff around quite often with no rhyme or logical reason to it and they force folks to react to their “gaming” of stock prices.  They are very good at what they do.  We long ago learned this ourselves, the hard way.  The thing is, there are VERY SIMPLE solutions to the “noise” problem that stock traders experience that can reduce the irrational decisions that new options investors tend to make at just the wrong time!  Acting exactly the wrong way at exactly the wrong time is NOT the right way to consistently make money in the markets.

The issues that prevent new traders from making money that we discussed above and many other challenges that new investors face that we cover in other articles were all taken into consideration and addressed in the development process of our Hidden Money Methods course and services.  Please consider exploring our materials further as we truly believe that we can greatly help investors to reach their goal of consistently making money in the markets.

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