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admin On January - 21 - 2012

When you use the correct tools for the job, you have much more flexibility to make money.

In FSLR, we entered on 11/1/11 at $46.78.  We exited the position on 12/12/11 at $44.36.  That is a small loss of $2.42.  If we bought 100 shares then we lost $242 on a $4678 investment.

Using Hidden Money Method #1 we would have lost $2.4, but the investment was less than half of the stock investment at $2140.

We could have used the Hidden Money Methods #2, to create extra income.  We could have realized $8.62 profit if we invested properly.  This would have resulted in a gain of $6.22 if we combined the #1 and #2.

So we were able to take a stock that had potential but did not do anything and make 29% rather then losing 5% on the stock.

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