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There are dozens of way to make money or save money. Various jobs that allow you to work from home, internet marketing like Amazon, or saving on credit card fees.
But none of these will lead you to true wealth. In today’s economy everyone is looking to either save more, spend less or create income.

Over 80 Million Americans have Hidden Money and they don’t even know it. The average person has been used as a financial slave for too long.

I want to reveal how to Find your Hidden Money. I will show you with a few simple methods how to save more, spend less and create income.

Over half of the households in the US invest in either the stock market or some type of mutual fund. This could be through direct brokerage account of a 401k or Individual Retirement Account(IRA).

First Hidden Money Secret – Mutual Funds
Save: 1%

An investor can SAVE about 1% on their fees by switching from a mutual fund to an index fund or ETF. They both offer diversification of assets and pay out dividends. They both offer upside potential of the stock market.

Second Hidden Money Secret – Stocks and ETFs

Once the investors switch from Mutual Funds to ETFs or individual stocks they can employ the base for rest of the Hidden Money Methods.

The greatest investors in the world employ this simple method!

Every person wants to know they are getting the best deal.  When you buy a house, most people look around to get the best deal they can for their situation.  If you are set on the location, bedrooms and size; then you are going to find the best method for you to pay for it. ” buy it outright”or “mortgage”.  Most people can not afford to buy a house outright so we use a mortgage.

Once you get that home, you control the rights to it.  So if the home goes up in value over any time period, then you have the right to sell and collect the difference from the purchase price.  Wouldn’t it be nice:, “if all we had to do was put the 20% down and never have to make another payment?”  How about: “If the home value drops the most we could lose would be the 20% we deposited”?

The home example above is our building block for our Hidden Money Methods.  We use a “mortgage” type setup for your investment portfolio.  Rather then paying full price for your stocks or ETFs we only pay about 20%.  We never make another monthly payment and the most we can lose is the 20% we invest.  This is a Smart Systematic Reduction of Risk.

This is not your simple buy on margin type of leverage.  Margin does nothing to reduce your risk.  The Hidden Money Method allows you to put a percentage of the investment price down and you control the investment like you would the own it outright.

Here is one of the best parts about this type of investment.  There is a constant liquid market for these investments.  It is not like a home where you have to hope you get your asking price.  If your investment goes up 10% and you want to sell, then you can simply sell your 20% controlling piece for a nice profit.  The best thing about this is that you would get 10%  appreciation with your 20% or a 50% return vs everyone who paid full price for that investment only getting 10%.

Third Hidden Money Secret – Sell the “Potential”

If you have the stock and ETF investments from above and follow how our Methods on selecting the right 20% investment, then there are several Hidden Money Methods you can choose to do for that extra Hidden Money that you normally would not have.

Let’s use the house example from above.  If you bought a 3 bedroom house and you only need one of those bedrooms, then may choose to rent out your room on a monthly basis.

We can do something similar with your investment.  There is an unlimited amount that an investment can appreciate or increase in value.  A stock bought at $100 can go to $1,000.  The majority of the time it will not.  So if you think that your investment will not increase by more than 5% this month then you can sell that potential away to someone else for a small rental fee.  The more chance you give to someone else the higher cost they will pay you.  For example if you think the investment will not go up more than 3% then you can collect a bigger rent then you would by selling the chance above 5%.

This method can add a huge amount of profit to your investment.  How often does your investment just sit there.  If every month you collected something against your long term investment then you become the landlord and collect the rent every month.

Let’s use some hard numbers: If you paid $20 down payment on a $100 investment then your risk would be the $20.  If each month you sold the 5% upside potential to another investor for $1 and the stock never went above that 5%, then you would collect $12 on your $20 investment for the year.  That is a 60% return for a stock that did not move!  This is a another powerful Hidden Money Method!

Fourth Hidden Money Secret – Sell the “Downside”

Just like the third Hidden Money Method, an investment can move up and it can move down.  Our Fourth Hidden Money Method shows you how to rent out your downside during those times that you think the stock will stay above a certain level.  The hard numbers are similar to the Third Hidden Money secret.

By using these simple methods you can reduce your risk (spend less), extract money out of your existing portfolio (save more) and/or create income.  These methods can be put to use in majority of your investment accounts, even IRAs.

If you would like to learn the Hidden Money Methods to reduce your risk and make more money then take a look at our Hidden Money Methods course with examples.

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